The Big Idea

How do we get people talking?

Mental health services remain one of the most neglected corners of health provision in the UK and around the world. But despite the lack of funding, there are good people trying hard to make a difference.

This blog is about encouraging dialogue, getting those who often seem in opposition to each other to share stories. It is a space for people with mental health problems, and equally a space for the people who are involved in their treatment.

All Human Here is written by people with real insights to offer. At its core is one person’s journey through therapy and the daily challenges of living with depression. In addition, there will be posts on latest news, personal testimonies from guest bloggers, and reflections on current mental health policy and research. The aim is to inform and enlighten by sharing our perspectives.

Co-production is big right now, and rightly so.

Let’s get people linked up and exploring the issues facing us all.


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