Brain review

An esteemed blogger I recently discovered, the wonderful Mindfump, has been running a series of Brain Reviews lately.

The idea was to send in a consumer review of your own brain, as if you’d bought it and tried it out, and were recommending the same model to other potential buyers.

It was a fun series, sadly at an end for now. Here’s an excerpt from my review:

This brain used to perform like a Bugatti, but having been through the life equivalent of a multiple pile-up, it’s not doing so great.
It’s a larger model – you’ll need an impressive head circumference to fit it all in. Having said that, bits of it aren’t functioning now, and I suppose these could be removed carefully before installation, allowing those with smaller heads to give it a whirl.
Features retained include strong visual recall and a somewhat patchy memory system which works when it wants to, but sometimes needs unplugging then plugging back in again. I do this by putting a pillow over my head while lying on the sofa.


You can read the full version over at Mindfump along with a whole heap of other very funny reviews! You’ll also find some amazing blogging which raises mental health awareness with wit and originality. Mindfump shows that the marriage of good writing with good ideas makes for a very successful blog.



3 thoughts on “Brain review

  1. A fabulous review! Really one of my favourites. Your words are very kind thank you 🙂 With writing like yours, success will follow close behind.


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