Do you have an issue, campaign message, or life experience you could write about for All Human Here? You could be:

  • A person living with a mental health diagnosis
  • Family and friends of someone going through difficulties
  • A mental health worker – CPN, therapist, psychiatrist or social worker
  • A researcher or academic in the field of mental health
  • A charity or other mental health organisation

Promoting greater understanding is one of the main aims of All Human Here. If you have something to share, why not submit an article below? Personal perspectives, life journeys, advice, professional perspectives, or reflection are all welcome. You can also send poems and artwork.

Editorial guidelines

  • Posts should be no more than 500 words
  • Write in a style that is easy to understand
  • Consider using pseudonyms for yourself and others
  • Use bullet points and sub-headings to help break up large blocks of text

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