Living with: Borderline Personality Disorder

Imani Summer writes the Summer Starts to Shine blog, and she is also a Mind media volunteer and fundraiser, vlogger, and passionate mental health campaigner. All Human Here asked her to guest blog about life with a complex mental health diagnosis, and here, she shares her thoughts with us: How did you feel when you first received your … Continue reading Living with: Borderline Personality Disorder

Coping with family visits: five tips

Family time is precious, but it can also be stressful - especially over the holidays. Here are five tips on how to cope with relatives who are coming to stay. Visits can be especially hard if you have the background pressure of dealing with a mental health problem. You may not particularly want to talk about … Continue reading Coping with family visits: five tips

Never mix your hashtags

Today is pancake day and people will be making a huge mess in their kitchens with eggs, flour and milk. Elsewhere, there will be people feeling alone and suicidal. These two facts coexist in our mixed up, multifaceted world. People enjoying themselves. People alone and in despair. But when I saw a list of hashtags at … Continue reading Never mix your hashtags

The Big Idea

How do we get people talking? Mental health services remain one of the most neglected corners of health provision in the UK and around the world. But despite the lack of funding, there are good people trying hard to make a difference. This blog is about encouraging dialogue, getting those who often seem in opposition to … Continue reading The Big Idea